Having a separate python environment for Image Processing
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Having a separate python environment for Image Processing

When I wanted to have a separate environment for image processing, I checked out my disk space. Unfortunately i didn't have space to install anaconda. Anaconda takes too much space because it has a Package Manager with a GUI, in addition to the Environment Manager.

(if not managed correctly anaconda may take too much space)

I won't need a fancy GUI, so I thought of going with virtualenv.

Btw, I installed jupyter lab as well, seems like jupyter lab is much more easier to use.

And finally i created an alias(shortcut) to activate the virtual environment as well, (wanna know how to do it in windows? or linux/mac) ?

So whenever i want to activate my image processing environment I type img in the terminal, then just type jupyter lab to start jupyter lab.

To know the difference between anaconda vs virtualenv, see this answer on stackoverflow

if you encounter any issue with this setup, let me know in the comments section below!