23 May 15

Lion Optimizer (optimizer discovered through evolutionary search)

1 min read
23 Feb 11

ESM-2 (evolutionary-scale prediction of atomic level protein structure with a language model)

8 min read
22 Mar 10

Introduction to Adam Optimizer & advancements leading to it

1 min read
22 Jan 05

JAX 001 - A closer look at its background

3 min read
21 Sep 27

Summary of Paper - Representation Learning Via Invariant Causal Mechanisms (ReLIC)

2 min read
21 Jan 21

Want to track ML experiments without sending logs to the cloud?

2 min read
19 Jul 19

Learning a new hardware platform (ScholarX - Part 2)

2 min read
18 Dec 28

Creating a pulse sensor from scratch 💟

1 min read
18 Dec 04

Analysing Second Order System Response of an RLC Circuit

1 min read
18 Dec 02

Does Bilateral Laplace Transform Exist for Sin(t) ?

1 min read
18 Dec 02

Understanding Properties of the Laplace Transform using Wolfram Language 🐺

2 min read
18 Nov 21

Visualising Convolution in CT through Mathematica

1 min read
18 Nov 11

Notch Filter to remove noise from an ECG Signal

1 min read

Some Visualization Tools I've built
D* Lite

D* Lite Algorithm

As part of my internship, I wanted to implement the D* Lite algorithm, with dynamic obstacle creation aspect. (WebAssembly)
Convolutional NN Visualizer

Project Intelliscope

As part of a medical research, built a model visualization tool to get more intuition on what sort of learning has the model performed. (TensorSpace.js)
Multi-Core Processor

FPGA Group Project

To test our ISA and the functionality of any assembly code, I developed a tool to simulate the activity of each core. (p5.js)