Ramith's Space

Hey! I'm Ramith 😃

I'm a final year undergraduate at the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, University of Moratuwa.

This is my experimental version of the new personal website. I needed a space to centralize the content I post through various blogging platforms such as medium, svbtle and my own blog. This website accomplishes just that!

University of Moratuwa
2017 - Present

the A.I. Team (Pvt) Ltd
Aug 2018 - Present

Rotaract Mora
July 2019 - June 2021

SPS Student Branch
Sep 2020 - Present

CSIRO | Data61
Oct 2020 - May 2021

Sustainable Education
Sep 2020 - Present


2021 June
Our team - $T^3$, became the Champions of the IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2021 🎉
2021 May
Our team got qualified for the final round of IEEE SP Cup to be held at ICASSP 2021
2021 February
Paper Accepted to ISCAS 2021
2020 September
Volunteered for the Sustainable Education Foundation as an Assistant Program Manager of the ScholarX 2021 program
2020 September
Intelliscope research group awarded First Runner-up Award in the 2020 CASS COVID-19 Special Student Design Competition organized at IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS).

Summary of Paper - Representation Learning Via Invariant Causal Mechanisms (ReLIC)

2 min read

Want to track ML experiments without sending logs to the cloud?

2 min read

My latest articles on Medium & Svbtle

Some Visualization Tools I've built
D* Lite

D* Lite Algorithm

As part of my internship project, I wanted to implement the D* Lite algorithm, with dynamic obstacle creation aspect
Convolutional NN Visualizer

Project Intelliscope

As part of a medical research, built a model visualization tool to get more intuition on what sort of learning has the model performed.
Multi-Core Processor

FPGA Group Project

To test our ISA and the functionality of any assembly code, I developed a tool to simulate the activity of each core.